Our mission

To make controlled environment
agriculture easy

AGxano is driven by the vision to bring precision, control and yield optimization to the indoor horticulture industry worldwide; helping growers maximize yields and enhance crop quality to meet the needs of a growing global population.

Empowering indoor growers to solve hard problems, to understand their past and act on their future. We build technology that turns mountains of data into meaningful intelligence. We believe data is the key to a better tomorrow and with that, alongside our customers, we will are building what comes next.

We put our world-class data science directly into the hands of growers all over the globe. Our platform is designed to empower all types of users to build and deploy advanced data science grow recipes with ease and speed.

Building, installing, and upgrading the world’s indoor grow infrastructure isn’t an easy job. Nor is it glamorous. Our sweat, grit, and perseverance often goes unrecognized. But we believe it’s important. It’s how we’ll increase resource sustainability, decrease world hunger, and support the needs of tomorrow.
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