AGxano for

Results driven LED grow lights

Scientifically designed for optimal control and
unparalleled light quality
Precise & Consistent

Intelligent Lights for Cultivators

Our patented spectrum provides your plants with targeted wavelengths required for maximum yields. Each spectral peak
is fully adjustable to tailor lighting conditions to plant development. The result is higher plant quality
and more consistency over your end product.

Patented UV Technology

Our researchers worked with the top research institutions
to unlock your plant's potential

World-Class Support

Our specialists are available from the first introduction, through all of your harvests, with the support you need.

Made in America

All of our fixtures are crafted and assembled in the
United States.
Smooth & Flexible

Accommodate Your Grow Style

When compared to traditional grow lights, HPS, MH, fluorescent lights locks in the grower with an inherent spectra that their selected light source produces. Whether they hunt for the “near-perfect” bulb or selecting a light source that is just “close-enough” to deliver the sole driving force behind photosynthesis is not up to par at AGxano. AGxano’s Iris Spectrum design not only provides a quality and smooth spectra, it gives the grower the power to create their own “perfect bulb”.
Traditional light source spectrums usually have certain wavelengths with large spikes while others are almost non-existent. Our Iris Spectrum delivers a smooth spectra for a more consistent red or blue and everything in between. Adding in the ability to tune the spectrum allows the grower to take their recipes a step further with mimicking a full day cycle with sunrise and sunset spectrums for a more natural cycle schedule.
W A VELEN G TH (NM) 0.0 380 500 600 700 0 . 2 0 . 4 0.6 0 . 8 1 .0 1.2 SPECTRUM
AGxano Iris Spectrum
WAVELENGTH (NM) SPECTRUM 1000 0 2000 3000 4000 200 300 400 500 600 700 800
W A VELEN G TH (NM) SPECTRUM 350 450 550 650 750