Precision Horticulture.


Indoor Lighting and Environmental Monitoring are
changing the grow-scape. AGxano helps you stay ahead.

AGxano is a holistic platform that fuses science and technology with traditional grow methods making it easier for the day-to-day grower while managing the complexity behind the scenes. The end results are increased yields, improved crop quality, lower overhead costs, and increased ROI.
Wireless & Resilient

Discover your secret sauce

AGxano's recipe platform makes the advanced leap into precision lighting in your grow easy. Your plants need more from lights than just a schedule to turn them on and off. Walk through creating your own recipe from scratch or use AGxano's researched catalog to build your lighting recipe from.
Set the intensity from 0-100% for single lights or groups.
Tune the spectrum through each LED channel to the percentage for your grow.
Set a schedule to mimic sunrise and sunset and create your own day-night cycle.
Create new recipes or apply a previous recipe from an exceptional grow
Manage and group all fixtures in a room, level, or section seamlessly
Monitor & Control

The difference between seeing and knowing

For a fraction of the cost of wired systems, AGxano provides precise monitoring and control on any
sensor in your grow. AGxano™s automated vision will catch environment deviations and other risk
factors to your crops in real time. Armed with your data, AGxano™s built in historian and analytics
engine fine tunes your proven formulas for better yields.


High or low temperatures as well as drastic shifts increase plant stress. Impacts photosynthesis, respiration, and production. A key factor for photosynthesis.


High humidity creates an environment for diseases and mold while low humidity attracts infestations. Appropriate humidity directly affects plant transpiration and general health.

Vapor Pressure Deficit

Affects respiration, transpiration, nutrient uptake, and plant stress. VPD is directly related to temperature and humidity and a key metric to assure maximum yields.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Essential to the photosynthesis process. CO2 and water is converted to energy that the plant uses as fuel. One of the limiting factors for photosynthesis.

Soil Moisture

Balance of soil moisture content is critical to root health and furthermore plant health. Excessive moisture can suffocate roots while lack of moisture reduces nutrient uptake.


Room temperature and temperatures that plants experience differ. High leaf temperatures indicate lack of water with low transpiration.


Light is virtually every plant's main source of energy that drives photosynthesis along with many other biological functions. Inadequate light reduces the rate of photosynthesis. Main limiting factor for photosynthesis.
Centralized visibility
and control in real time

AGxano’s cloud dashboard provides centralized visibility
and control of your facility’s lights, environment sensors,
and systems.

  • Easily install and integrate with existing systems
  • Actionable data to improve efficiency and set intelligent alerts
  • Built in analytics engine provides deep insights into your grow

start optimizing your grow today